A Quick Cocktail Tour Around Glasgow


If there’s one thing that Glasgow excels in, it’s excellent cocktail bars.  Whatever your taste, budget and ideal setting, you’ll find it in Glasgow’s plethora of cocktail hotspots.  In fact sometimes we have trouble just deciding where to go, even in spite of our high standards when it comes to mixed drinks.  But if there’s one thing that sways us every time, it’s a cocktail bar that offers something a little different.  Here are some of our top picks for a cocktail with an edge next time you’re out on the town.

Best for cocktail dare-devils – Meat Bar

We don’t normally associate cocktails with bacon garnishes, but Meat Bar on West Regent Street is a meat lover’s dream come true.  Their concoctions of  pork and beef-infused spirits and carnivorous garnishes are not for the faint-hearted, but we duly rolled up our sleeves and got stuck in (all in the name of research).


The Jerky Julep (£6) is a firm favourite – beef jerky infused rum with a mix of pineapple, sugar and mint.  Although even we drew the line at the No Smoke Without Fire (£6.50) – an Absinthe and Mezcal mix garnished with a corn on the cob wheel.  Definitely more of a man’s cocktail, we couldn’t empty our glasses on this occasion…


Best for White Russian lovers – Lebowski’s

We still haven’t worked our way though their 25-strong White Russian list yet.  It’s in progress though, and at the moment The Karl Hungus (banana split flavour) and The Toe (mint choc chip) are definite front runners.  Their burgers are also to die for – the menu proclaims that they are legendary, and we’d definitely second that.


Best for a drink with an unexpected view – Wicked Lounge

A novel idea on the Glasgow scene, Wild Cabaret and Wicked Lounge combines cabaret and live music with fine food and an extensive drinks menu.  We popped in on a Saturday afternoon for a Bourbon Mai Tai and found ourselves chatting to some fully made-up burlesque performers about their up-coming show.  They also offer an afternoon tea package which is on our to-do list in the near future.


Best for a casual cocktail (and the best chips in Glasgow) – The 13th Note

Maybe not a cocktail bar in the traditional sense, but we can get a fantastic Bloody Mary, a plate of amazing chips (voted best chips in Glasgow 2013, no less) and the bar is dog-friendly.  We’re sold.  Also their new Harvey Dent cocktail, a blend of golden rum, chilli and passion fruit, is pretty great too.


Best for a taste of Hawaii – The Tiki Bar + Kitsch Inn

Small but perfectly formed, the Tiki Bar has an extensive rum selection and an even bigger tropical-inspired cocktail list.  Also call us easily pleased, but we’re always partial to a novelty cocktail glass.


We love the Kraken Attack (£8) and the Coconut Grenade (£7).  We’ve not tried the Auch Aye the Bru yet, but we’re thinking it might be one best saved for those hair of the dog situations.    They’ve also got a nice little beer garden with optional ping pong – just don’t sit behind the ping pong table…


We’re still on the hunt for more cocktail bars to taste-test, so let us know your suggestions!  We’re hoping to try Gin 71 and Hutchesons next, but always looking for more ideas.

Cakehounds x


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