Lunch at The Plum Tree, Glasgow


We found ourselves in the Merchant City this week with a hunger for sandwiches and cake (nothing new there).  It was a bit short notice for an afternoon tea booking unfortunately, so we decided to head to The Plum Tree, a cafe-bistro on Wilson Street that offers home baking, locally sourced ingredients and a fresh deli.




We were lunching late, so missed the crowds and had the cafe to ourselves, save the two hardy tables that were braving the weather outdoors.  We bagged the best seat in the window and were given the Bistro Menu to peruse.  The Plum Tree has an open plan kitchen area with the home baking on display, as well as a well-stocked shop area offering local produce, fine teas, health foods and bottles of wine, so we were more than a little distracted when choosing from our menus.





The menu offers a wide choice of all-day breakfast items, deli platters, salads and light bites, as well as main meals and burgers – and the fresh, locally sourced ingredients are a big selling point, with fresh bread and home-made chutneys and sauces featuring heavily.   We both still had our hearts set on sandwiches, so chose the Pastrami (£7.99) and the Chipotle Chicken Club (£8.99) with the intention of sharing both.  We also ordered a Diet Coke and a Tiger Beer – they do offer the option to buy a bottle of wine off the shelf with a £5 corkage charge, which we thought was a nice touch, but we were trying to be good.  Maybe next time!

The Pastrami Deli Sandwich:





The sandwich came toasted on brown bread, and overloaded with thick pastrami, fresh tomatoes, rocket and horseradish mayo.  A side of home-made chunky coleslaw and a dressed salad completed the plate, and each bite was a  fresh burst of peppery flavours.  The presentation was also first class, with a real deli feel.  We were just glad we’d agreed to share so we could get a good bite of both.

The Chipotle Chicken Deli Sandwich:




This sandwich was stuffed with warm chunks of chicken breast, crispy bacon, gruyere cheese and avocado with chipotle dressing.  This definitely felt like the more unhealthy of our choices, not to say that it wasn’t still amazing.  In fact, we had lengthy conversation afterwards on the merits of each sandwich and still couldn’t pick a winner…

We were suitably stuffed but felt we couldn’t leave without at least sampling the home baking on offer, so decided to share the Raspberry and Bakewell slice.




It was the last piece left, so we were kindly given it for free, however given the time of day, the cake was unfortunately a little past its best and was crying out for a cup of tea alongside it.  Top marks for the freebie cake though!

Our bill came to £25,55 – not bad for two giant sandwiches, two beers and a soft drink.  The sandwiches are pricey at first glance, but given the quality and sheer volume of ingredients, they’re definitely worth it.

The verdict?  We’ll be back again soon – we’ve got our eyes on the specials board next…




Cakehounds x


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